Roadworthy: The Invisible Children Tour

Invisible Children’s first trek into television will follow the New England Roadies — four Americans and two Ugandans — as they meet for the first time and trek across the U.S. together. Traveling by van with little money, strange accommodations and long hours, this motley crew toils six days a week for the one thing that drives them and keeps them going — increasing awareness of Joseph Kony and raising support to help end the longest running war in Africa.

Episode 1 | “Strangers”

The team trains in San Diego in preparation for the tour. Brenda gives an amazing motivational speech to the whole group at the top of Mt. Soledad, and the roadies scatter across the nation. Six days later they land in Long Island for their first screening!

Episode 2 | “Culture Shock” 

Follow Benna and Brenda as they train in Uganda and prepare for culture shock, cold winters and homesickness, amongst other things, in the States. The Ugandan roadies take the monumental trip across the world to San Diego, CA, where they team up with their American counterparts. Brenda struggles with missing her friends and family.

Episode 3 | “Stressed Out” New York, New York! 

Angela visits her dad’s old high school and is reminded of how much the tour reminds her of Nate. Rachel is met with a hostile crowd, and is shaken; will she be able to withstand being on the road and speaking to these large crowds?


Episode 4 | “Lack of Chemistry” 

The team journeys into Massachusetts. Lack of communication leads to tense feelings as they learn to work things out. Adam is back in his hometown and shows the Ugandans his childhood hangouts.


Episode 5 | “Hairy Situation”

The team visits the Statue of Liberty. Angela questions Adam’s leadership style. Will Angela step back and let Adam lead the group?

Episode 6 | “Seasons”

Fatigue starts to set in as the tour wears on, but the roadies take time to enjoy the turning leaves of a New England fall.

Episode 7 | “Oh! Canada!”

The team experiences some unexpected setbacks while crossing the Canadian border in the middle of the night. They are faced with language and cultural barriers while trying to share their story.

Episode 8 | “The White Stuff” Snow!

Brenda and Benna play in snow for the first time in Upstate New York. The roadies question if they can come back for another tour while Angela struggles with the loss of her teammate.

Episode 9 | “Cutting It Close”

The tour ends in New York and the team is faced with a race to cross the country and get back to San Diego. They have a few short weeks to reach their $144,000 goal. The Ugandans leave in a dramatic departure.

Episode 10 | “Friends?”

With less than two weeks remaining, can Invisible Children make their $1,000,000 goal? Are the friendships still intact after 10 weeks on the road or will they part ways on bad terms?


Invisible Children Roadie

Team Leader


Hometown: Oxford, MA

Known as the “King of the Roadies,” Adam has been on seven Invisible Children tours – more than any other. He’s from Oxford, Mass., and now lives in San Diego. He’s a hockey player but loves the Red Sox.

Fun facts: “I’m going to Uganda for the first time this July! I don’t have a car which means I ride my bike a lot. I’m a pescatarian, which means I just eat fish and vegetables.  I’m a drummer and semi-guitarist.  I love my Italian heritage.”

Ugandan Invisible Children Roadie

Assistant Team Leader


Benna is of the Acholi Tribe. This is her second tour with Invisible Children. Her first tour was with team Texas. She serves as Brenda’s mentor for the tour and works in the IC office in Uganda. She was forced to live in a displacement camp when the LRA was in Northern Uganda. She now lives in Gulu, Uganda.

Invisible Children Roadie

Two Time Roadie


Hometown: Tampa, FL

Originally from Tampa, FL, Angela shimmied the whole way to San Diego after graduating from Florida State University. She toured the New England region twice as a Roadie, and currently works with Invisible Children’s student clubs.

Fun facts: “The first concert I went to was Tina Turner. I love tap dancing. I always carry a mini tambourine with me.”

Invisible Children Roadie

First Time Roadie


Hometown: Louisville, KY

Originally from Louisville, Ky., Alex studied at Columbia College in Chicago and is taking time off to be a roadie. He’s now the city coordinator for Invisible Children’s NYC Street Team. He doesn’t have his driver’s license, loves music and doesn’t like to wear socks. His mom teaches Spanish and he is fluent.

Fun facts: “The first album I bought was by Jewel, but then my mom took it away. I have the diet of a 9 year-old and the allergies of a 90 year-old. During the summer, I rarely leave my house before 7pm because of the heat.”

Ugandan Invisible Children Roadie

First Time Roadie


Brenda is of the Acholi Tribe. She never tried mustard until her New England tour. She wants to be a member of the Ugandan Parliament. Her father and cousin were killed by the Lord’s Resistance Army. She currently lives in Gulu, Uganda.

Invisible Chilren Roadie

First Time Roadie


Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

Rachel is a twin. She went to Uganda with another organization before she joined Invisible Children. She has a tattoo of Africa on her arm. After studying psychology at University of North Florida, she is now pursuing her Master’s in Counseling at Liberty University, and is teaching preschool in her hometown.

Fun facts: “I have the cutest dog in the world, Lola. I’ve been to Africa 3 times. I love Michael Bublè. I’m left handed but play sports and brush my teeth with my right hand. I was in a sorority in college – love my Kappa Delta ladies!”